We offer three flexible options, so you only pay for the assistance you need, when you need it. Read more about each package and pick the one that best fits your needs - whether you require virtual assistant services, proofreading, editing or other administrative support . Please contact us to discuss pricing details.

If you can’t find a suitable option, please get in touch directly.


We record the time spent on the task and send you the details with the invoice. There is a minimum one hour billing. Afterwards, we bill for every 15 minutes started.


When you have recurring, regular work to be done in a month, it can be easier to pay for a fixed number of hours. We provide the retainer price after discussing the details of the work you need - it always depends on the type and amount of the tasks required.


In case of some tasks, it can be easier and more convenient to agree on a fixed price before the start of the project. We specify the project rate after discussing the details - because no two projects are the same.